Survey World

Survey and Research Agencies/Institutions find skilled and professional human resources here in “Survey World” to collect quality data and the outcome is quality information for good decision making and enhanced knowledge.

Survey Agencies and Institutions (SAI)

These are the institutions who acquire services of SSDA, SSRC, SFI and Certified FI under CCFI (who will switch over to SFI after certification) and, also the ISSRF Members to organize and conduct surveys, data analysis and preparation of reports on payment basis.

SAI can also hire the training and human resource improvement service from ISSRF.

Survey Agencies and Institutions (SAI) need primary data as per their requirements and they get the skilled and professional human resources here who offer their services for designing survey methods and sampling, data/statistical analytics and preparation of reports, etc., take-up supervision and coordination works at sub-national/state/district/sub-district level and ready to collect data as investigators/enumerators/surveyors.