Information Technology in Statistical Survey

Information Technology (IT) has become integral part of our day to day life for communication and decision making process. IT includes use of Computer, Office Productivity Tools (Word, Excel etc.), Email, Website and Online Application software, Mobile Apps and other advanced software tools. All these technologies are being extensively used for data capturing, data processing, data analysis, report generation and queries for presentation of data to take timely and reliable decisions in any socio-economic surveys as well as administrative/business applications.

This certification program provides opportunity to learn basic knowledge and hands-on-training for practical exposure using these technologies. This will empower the student trainees to strengthen their resume in getting regular jobs in any survey work as well as regular work in related areas. The 4 lectures reference material for online access through the ISSRF Website include the following.

  1. asics of Computer and Communication: How to operate Computer and Internet, access of data from Website and exchange of information through email/social media Applications.
  2. Basic features of Office Productivity Tools: How to use Word Processing and Excel for data processing and communication of information.
  3. Basics of Application software for survey work: Online Data Entry Software, Editing, Report Generation and uploading of data.
  4. Practical experience of Application software.