Surveys Data and Analysis

Showcase a national-level agency with the capacity and exposure to conduct surveys at the national level making use of expertise of its members, retired and skilled statisticians, economists, and survey personnel well versed with the concepts and methodologies involved in surveys and survey-based research and potential available in the private sector and autonomous bodies.

Conduct sample surveys on various socio-economic subjects like labor and employment, income and poverty, health and nutrition, education, agriculture, industries and enterprises, housing condition and environment, assets and investments through household surveys using a mobile application and to collect information from industries and enterprises through their balance sheets and other ledgers, prices from shops and establishments and crop yield on a sample basis from the agriculture fields. Besides these, market and election surveys based on sound scientific principles are conducted. Provide total solution to the clients for specific projects starting from needs assessment to technical planning of surveys, formulation of concepts and definitions, sampling design, designing of inquiry schedules, sample selection, the conduct of field surveys, data processing, and analysis, and presentation of survey results in the form of analytical reports leading to clear policy imperatives.

1.    Survey on Migrant Workers Survey on Migrant Workers: A Study on their Livelihood after Reverse Migration due to Lockdown, October 2020
i)    All India Report on Migrant Workers
ii)    Bihar State Report on Migrant Workers
iii)    Jharkhand State Report on Migrant Workers
iv)    Chhattisgarh State Report on Migrant Workers
v)    Odisha State Report on Migrant Workers
vi)    Uttar Pradesh State Report on Migrant Workers
2.    Old and Poor in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic in India – A Case Study of Old Age Pension Scheme, June 2020.