ISSRF Profile

Inferential Survey Statistics and Research Foundation (ISSRF) is a not-for-profit institution incorporated in 2019 under Section 8 of the Companies’ Act, 2013, engaged in independent statistical survey and high-quality research in the areas of survey methodology, quantitative analysis, training, and related fields of applied statistics. ISS&RF is formed by a group of highly spirited, well-informed retired officers of Indian Statistical Service, Indian Economic Service, Subordinate Statistical Service and other services, each having led the statistical systems across the Ministries/ Departments of the Government at senior level for several decades. It has the expertise of statisticians, economists, information technology professionals and subject field experts. It aims to provide survey and research-based support to Government, Industries, Private Institutions, and the people at large, to make better decisions in the interest of them and the society. In this endeavor, it utilizes the expertise of its members and latest technological development in the field of statistical surveys and analytical tools to optimize the cost and reduce the time in bringing out the results based on surveys and data.

ISSRF also utilizes the services of other skilled statisticians, economists, survey personnel and experts well versed with various subjects. One of the objectives of the Foundation, interalia, is to conduct certificate/ professional courses to prepare students, youths and practicing statisticians, economists, and social scientists in the field of data generation and data based research and to provide suitable learning platform to continuously upgrade their skills and to enhance their professional worth.

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