About Us

We are a group of highly spirited, well-informed retired officers of Indian Statistical Service, Indian Economic Service, Subordinate Statistical Service and other services. We are experts in independent statistical surveys, methodological studies in the areas of survey methodology, quantitative analysis, training and related field of applied statistics.

Research & Studies

We undertake and promote research in applied statistics to address the problems of appropriate data requirement and measurable indicators at different levels of planning for ensuring desired growth with social justice and for reducing the regional imbalances


Surveys & Projects

ISS&RF provides highest level of quality services in completion of projects, statistical surveys, analytical studies, impact analysis, evaluation studies and consultancy services on turnkey basis.



Seminars, Workshops & Capacity Building Programs

We conduct training programmes on sample survey techniques, theory of sampling and data analysis to enhance the survey capabilities of agencies involved in surveys and data analysis.

Networking & Collaboration

ISS&RF shares data and ideas with similar institutions and fosters joint responsibility in the matter of statistical surveys and research thereon.


Data & Dissemination

We create, manage and disseminate data and provide a platform to discuss and debate on developmental issues.



Promote, improve and propagate science and arts of survey statistics using latest technology as means to solve the problems social, economic, political and environmental as faced by the society and polity and to accelerate economic and social developments by providing statistics support to informed decision making.


Showcase the Foundation as a premier international level agency with the capacity and exposure to provide technical expertise in the matter of survey solutions to desirous countries and regions for their inclusive growth and development.


Undertake and promote basic, applied, adaptive, strategic and anticipatory research in survey statistics, quantitative analysis and related fields and to address the problems of appropriate data requirement and providing robust estimates of the measurable social and economic indicators at different levels of planning to the planners and policy makers for ensuring desired growth with social justice and for reducing the regional imbalances.

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