Research and Studies

We undertake and promote basic, applied, adaptive, strategic and anticipatory research in survey statistics, quantitative analysis and related fields and to address the problems of appropriate data requirement and provide robust estimates of the measurable social and economic indicators at different levels of planning to the planners and policy makers for ensuring desired growth with social justice and for reducing the regional imbalances

Work on area and subject specific alternative methods of sampling, newer ways of data collection, interpretation with integration of attribute data, geospatial characteristics and with the use of information technology and web applications.

Interact and engage with concerned Governments at all levels in their efforts to refine/ improve scope, content, quality and coverage in various fields of official statistics and to undertake statistical surveys on behalf of the Governments in India and/or abroad.

Take up as its own activities to complement actions on the part of the Government to improve scope, coverage and accessibility of data on important development parameters for intervention at different levels.