Amitabha Panda


Amitabha Panda


Director (Research and Surveys)


  • Director General (Statistics), Ministry of Health and family welfare, Government of India (Retd.- 2018)
  • Additional Director General, Survey Design and Research Div. and Coordination & Publication Div. of National Sample Survey Office,
  • Member Secretary of Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission – 2016-17,
  • Commissioner cum Director of Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Chhattisgarh – 2012-2017
  • Deputy Director General, Data Processing Center, Bengaluru and Field Operations Division, Raipur,
  • Held many senior level positions in all four divisions of the NSSO from 1984to2018. A keen statistician (from Calcutta University) with in-depth understanding of macro and micro economic subjects and have expertise in Sustainable Development Goals, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, State Income, Basic Statistics for Local Level Development, Economic Census, Consumer Expenditure, Employment-Unemployment, ……
  • As Member Secretary of Chhattisgarh, the following were done under my supervision /active coordination (Achievements):
    1. Organising National Conclave for State Planning Commissions/ Boards of various states/UT at Raipur
    2. Preparing SDG detail reports for each of the goal- spanning over more than 40 consultation meetings
    3. Organising meetings of four Standing Committee on Agriculture, Industry, Social and Poverty Alleviation and its sub-committee for firming up of recommendation,
  • As the Commissioner cum Director of Directorate of Economics and Statistics the following were done under my guidance (Achievements):
    1. CRVS 55% to 100%
    2. Digitizing DES
    3. Foundation level changes in official statistics collection, compilation and dissemination
    4. Authored 5 Economic Survey of Chhattisgarh
    5. Conducting 6th Economic Census and preparing provisional and final Report.
  • While serving in NSSO in various positions (Field Operations Din., Survey Design & Research Division, Data Processing Division, Coordination& Publication Division) I implemented the following:
    • Catalyzing digitization of survey instruments in NSSO for reducing time lag and enhancing quality- introducing E-Schedules in Socio Economic Survey, Crop Cutting Schedule of Agriculture Statistics
    • Publishing Sarvekshana as Managing Editor,
    • Framework for Archival of NSSO documents for public domain / internal use of NSSO.
    • As Joint Director/Director of Coal Controllers organization the following reports were totally revised in contents and presentation and published under my supervision:
      1. Provisional Coal Statistics
      2. Coal Directory
      3. Annual review of Coal Statistics

Also assessment of Stowing Excise duty was revised and Payment system was made online/digital.